Fair, but out of balance

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50 Shades Of Gray
Albino Representation
Decks In The City
McNamera Trifecta

Preexisting Condition
Rat In A Spider Hole
Element 112
Biocyber Virus Infection

Event Registry


Sledge Hammer! Intro Theme

Maritime Lunacy


The cassette era of Baboon & Baboon Rising
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Old screenshots from just before it shut down. was the first online music service BR was a part of. Click to enlarge.

Capture of Sledge DVD Thanks Screen

Mark Rathke - 2012

Inspirations for Megland and F.A.T. (click for larker images)

Thomas Miller & Mark Rathke. Great Baboon Summit

Completed custom guitar featured on BR medallion reverse. Image from NAMM show - 2006

Neal Moser and Mark Rathke with partly constructed custom guitar - 2005